Domain name tips

Here are some more pointers and ideas for you to help you select the best domain name possible for your company.

Keep in mind that if you are advertising on Google, a visitor will cost you approximately 1 DOLLAR.  So if a domain name will get you at least 10 visitors a month, it would be worth doing.  If these people are buying $100 in products, it definitely would be worth it.

1. Choose a domain name that identifies your company, products and services you are offering.

2. Domain names length can have a length of 63 characters, however the shorter your name is the better. But make sure that your visitors remember it.

3. Pronunciation of your domain name is also important since hard domain names will cause problems in communications over the phone and in face to face meetings.

4. Try to get popular keywords in your domain name since this will help with your rankings in the search engines.

5. If a domain name is unavailable, try to add a dash to the name.

6. If available, try to get the whole set for your domain name. (COM / NET / ORG / INFO / BIZ / EU). See all our available TLD's

7. Misspelled domain names are also an easy way to get your visitors to your site.

8. Avoid trademarked names.  If you register a domain name of which the domain name itself is trademarked, you can bet on it that you will get a cease-and-desist letter from a legal firm.  Most big companies have their names very protected, even if you use a trademarked name as part of your domain name you will be used for target practice.  Things like or will be found very fast, and your investment of spending your time building traffic to a site is lost instantaneously.

9. Register your name NOW. Do not wait for tomorrow, do not wait for later today, domain names are being registered every second.  Even if you do not have a website yet, or are not even sure that you want to do this.  If you wait, you simply won't be able to. So even if you are not sure that the domain name you found is the correct one, register it any way before somebody else does.

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