Our customers are, thanks to our own CMS (Content Management System), able to update the content of their website with great ease.  They are able to edit their pages and add more pages on the spot.

ATXTA CMS uses the templates which are designed by our designers, and uses the content from the CMS to fill in the data.  One of the many advantages of using our CMS is that we can change the look of all the content by changing the template.  You can even use multiple templates at the same time.


  • Multiple templates
  • Holiday, and special calendar dates can be used for special templates or templates add inn's, this creates fresh content for your site, fully automated
  • Automatic sitemaps
  • S.E.O. Optimized pages
  • Contact us forms, email this page, print this page and more standard features
  • Pre created text blocks which can be used and inserted on any page
  • Export pages to Microsoft Word, so you can spell check your pages with the most accurate spell checked in the world.
  • Track referrals, so you know who your best friends are
  • Automatic mobile site creation for iPhones and other mobile devices

Mailing Lists

  • Setup multiple mailing lists
  • Mailing lists can use template systems so your subscribers always get the same look and feel from every mailing you send out.
  • Subscribers can unsubscribe with one click directly from the email, so never worry about the overhead to maintain your list.
  • Import existing email addresses into the system and automatically add them to existing lists.
  • Export your mailing addresses to other systems
  • Mailings are being sent out throttled, so your mailing will never slow down the system.
  • You will have the option to test your mailing before it is mailed out to your subscribers
  • You can pause, stop a mailing from going out, so you can fix that last typo and then continue the transmissions.
  • Reports on the current status, subscribers


  • Create an extensive catalog with all your products
  • Unlimited number of groups, subgroups, and products
  • Multiple pictures per group, subgroup and products possible
  • Pictures are automatically sized so you always have a consistent look and feel for your catalog
  • When you change the sizes for the image, all existing images will automatically be resized for your catalog.


  • All created pages with automatically be submitted to search engines
  • Extensive advise on pages and content
  • Automatic sitemap.xml creation for search engines


  • Create advertisements (text blocks, banners) and set the start date and end date
  • Set where the advertisements need to show, and how often


  • Report PAGE on pages which are not found on your site and setup forwarding to existing pages in just one click.
  • Report PAGE on last pages checked by your visitors
  • Report PAGE on last visits by visitors, and when they visited your site first, browsers, resolutions, operating systems used. etc.
  • Report SEO crawler will give you last visits and numbers of visits
  • Report SEO Keywords will show you what keywords were used to find your site
  • Report SEO referrers which have send you your visitors
  • Report SEO top referrers