Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Advertising (P.P.C.)

Whoever said "winning isn't everything" has never been introduced to a search engine.  

Meet Google, Yahoo, Bing and

These 4 mammoth-sized search engines can be your best friends sending you visitor after visitor but it takes time to get your name on the "A-List" for the top spots when someone searches for the types of products or services you provide.  It's not unheard of to see companies competing in the real estate arena waiting months or years to get to a reasonable rank in Google so that people can see them when they search for "real estate".  In some cases, these guys never even end up on the radar.

In 1998, if you had the money, you could be at the top.

In 1998, the concept of pay per click (PPC) was introduced and changed the face of getting listed in search engines forever.  It used to be that with PPC, you could fast track your way to prime positions on the search engine pages by bidding large amounts of money per click on the terms that people type into search engines.  The higher you're bid, the closer to the first position your listing would be placed.  People jumped on PPC and started paying less and less attention to search engine optimization.

Big dollars no longer guarantee front row tickets.

Fast forward to 2012: You can still fast track your way to the top positions on search engines but the pay per click engines have become more sophisticated.  Now PPC is better known as contextual advertising, where ads are displayed only in context with the search criteria the searcher requested.  Search engines are weeding out spammers and irrelevant content regardless of how much an advertiser would bid.  This works out great for searchers because the ads are always bang-on but, the downside is that advertisers now have a very complex process to follow in order to make a pay per click campaign a profitable venture.  One wrong move and your killer ad sinks to the bottom of the sea of search or end up paying $30 for each click because you didn't target your ad properly.  Imagine if 20 people clicked on your ad at that price?  You'd better have a trust fund you didn't know about.

Talk to us, we can keep you out of trouble in the Pay Per Click world

This is why partnering with a professional online marketing company equipped with dedicated staff makes so much sense.  One of our areas of focus is pay per click marketing.  Getting started with pay per click is simple but making it profitable requires constant management.  Using proven and ethical search marketing strategies, we can design, manage, and track every aspect of your pay per click campaign in the major search engines. 

We will:

  • Design a sophisticated contextual advertising campaign that delivers content targeted advertising to your customers increasing potential for sales and decreasing your cost per acquisition for each customer or lead.
  • Design tightly focused landing pages incorporating all of your keywords/phrases. Each customer landing on the page will see unquestionable value in your products or services, in relation to the ad they clicked from.  This results in more conversions from each ad.
  • Monitor the status of your pay per click campaign: your bid for position, conversions, and cost per click to ensure that any problems are detected early saving you money in the long run.
  • Provide detailed monthly reports on the progress and performance of your PPC so you know what's working and what's not and adapt strategies accordingly to maximize the impact of your campaign.
  • Consult with you one-on-one each month to explain results and make suggestions on how we can work together to improve your campaign and maximize your return on investment (ROI).