Establishment of goals

Before we start working on your project, we will take a look at your current website (if you have any), brochures, stationary, other materials, and try to get a good understanding about your business.

We will then talk to you, in person, over the phone or video conferencing, about your business, its goals, and your goal for the website.  We will explain our Methods and we will run some suggestions and ideas by you, and try to establish a budget for the project.

If your budget does not allow for everything to be implemented at once, we can do a stepped implementation of the project or setup a payment plan.


After we know your goals, we will brainstorm with our team so we can offer a great solution for your business.  We will provide you with an estimate, a timeline with milestones, and a first look for the website.

These specifications form a basis for your website.  With these in hand we can make changes to make sure that the end product is what you wanted and that it will offer the functionality you were looking for.


We will start working on the layout for your site and show you our progress.  Every step of the way we will ask you for your opinion so we limit the time we go off-track.

When we are finished with the website we will test the functionality with the specifications.


We will launch the website upon your request, and start the submission to the search engines.  We can help you with the announcement to your customers.

Monitoring & maintenance

Your website will be equipped with monitoring software so we can track your visitors on your website, and make changes to your website if needed.